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Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp

International comedian Tom Rhodes travels the world in search of love and laughter. Join him as he meets up with his favorite people around the world to reflect, share, and laugh about life and comedy. 


Jun 25, 2013

Tom Rhodes Radio is in Los Angeles! I got to sit down with Andy Kindler who revealed why he took marshal arts lessons to defend himself from people he had made fun of.

Jun 20, 2013

Markus Birdman explains how his near death experience made him a better comedian and how he admires his Vicor Father's performing style.

Jun 18, 2013

Tom Rhodes Radio is in LA! Brilliant comedy writer Laurie Kilmartin explains how she turns her personal turmoil into comedy gold in this new episode. Enjoy!

Jun 13, 2013

Steve Hughes and Tom Rhodes talk about everything pertinent on a rainy Saturday in Auckland during the New Zealand International comedy festival. May 2013. 

Jun 11, 2013

Tom & Moshe discuss comedy, travel, religion, and their respective tastes in pornography.