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Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp

International comedian Tom Rhodes travels the world in search of love and laughter. Join him as he meets up with his favorite people around the world to reflect, share, and laugh about life and comedy. 


Oct 29, 2014

This episode was recorded in Las Vegas.

I want to pay tribute to the Amazing Johnathan before he drops dead.

We all avoid the thought of death and superstitiously try to avoid the topic but that dirty whore will strike each of us. The Amazing Johnathan has a heart ailment and his doctors have told him that if his...

Oct 17, 2014

This episode was recorded in Los Angeles.

Eddie Pepitone is the darling of the underground comedy scene of Los Angeles. For an older man without a full head of hair to kick so much ass in the city where youth and beauty reigns eternal he must be respected for what he has accomplished.

His comedy style is the man...

Oct 13, 2014

This episode was recorded in London.

Let it be known to the the universe that Tom Rhodes Radio gives Mark Farrelly's one man show 'Quentin Crisp' a 5 star review.

This show invites libation imbibement and encourages you to be yourself whatever you wish that self to be. Being exactly what you are even if that is a...

Oct 10, 2014

This episode was recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rhys Nicholson is a star waiting to happen. He is visually captivating with his flaming orange read hair, thick black glasses, high cheek bones, chiseled jawline with powdered make up and his smart style of dress. 

His comedy is frank, up front, straight forward,...

Oct 6, 2014

This episode was recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland


In my opinion Jo Caulfield has the sexiest speaking voice in all of the English speaking comedy world. Her tone, elocution and educated accent is one that makes me tingle like a comfort food and if I owned my own television network she would be the voice of...