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Tom Rhodes Smart Camp

Tom Rhodes Smart Camp is a festival of ideas, knowledge, stories, books & adventures. 

I have been a comedian for more than 39 years. I travel the world doing comedy. 
Whenever I can I will share my adventures with you on this Tom Rhodes Smart Camp podcast.

My amazing creative partner and ex-wife Ashna is my best friend. We are a mom & pop business and with her help I will putting out these episodes with all the wisdom I have gained in my life and telling you all of my greatest adventures while traveling the world. 

Thank you for your generosity and for joining the Rhodesies club. You are in my heart forever!

Sep 29, 2023

Welcome to another episode of the "Tom Rhodes Smart Camp" podcast! Join us for an episode packed with laughter, wisdom, and historical intrigue as Tom Rhodes and Jesse Joyce take you on a deep dive into the realms of comedy, the challenges faced by writers, Jesse's new book, and the rich tapestry of 19th-century history. 

Jesse Joyce is an American stand-up comedian, Emmy Nominated and WGA Award winning writer.

In this episode:

  • Dive into the recent controversy surrounding comedian Hasan Minhaj, exploring the intricacies of comedy and its relationship with truth.
  • Discover the heartwarming and insightful friendship between Jesse Joyce and the late comedian Greg Giraldo, offering a unique glimpse into the world of comedy.
  • Join Tom on a personal journey as he reflects on his decision to embark on a nine-and-a-half-year journey of sobriety, sharing heartfelt stories and wisdom along the way.
  • Listen as Jesse Joyce opens up about his personal struggle with sobriety, recounting the pivotal moment that led to his life-altering decision to get sober.
  • Gain a firsthand perspective on the impact of the ongoing writer's strike from Jesse's vantage point as the sole provider for his family, shedding light on the challenges faced by creative professionals.
  • Explore the fascinating world of historical comedy as Jesse discusses his book, "Killing the Guys Who Killed the Guy Who Killed Lincoln (A Nutty Story about Edwin Booth and Boston Corbet)," offering a glimpse into the meticulous research and humor that brings the 19th century to life.
  • Embark on a journey through time as Tom and Jesse delve into their shared passion for the 19th century, discussing the quirks, oddities, and historical events that defined this captivating era.
  • Uncover the fascinating story of John Wilkes Booth and his less famous yet heroic brother, Edwin Booth, whose actions once saved Abraham Lincoln's son.

Hooray for humanity!

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** About the Podcast **

Tom Rhodes Smart Camp is a festival of ideas, knowledge, stories, books & adventures.

We share a joke premise weekly, along with stories or what's on our radar, the book of the week, the movie/doc of the week, song of the week, and Good News. Or we have a guest!



I have been a comedian for more than 39 years. I travel the world, performing comedy. Exploring diverse cultures and connecting with people from all walks of life while doing comedy is at the heart of my journey. I've had my share of experiences, from almost drowning in Thailand to getting maced in Paris, and I had my own sitcom on Comedy Central and a Late Night Talkshow in the Netherlands. Whenever I can, I'll share my adventures and a global perspective with you on this podcast.



Ashna, Dutch artist, photographer, and my ex-wife, isn't just my best friend; she's an essential part of the Rhodesies production team. We've traveled the world together for 8 years. With her background in cognitive psychology and her passion for philosophy and all things art, Ashna enriches our conversations, all while bringing a unique European perspective.