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Tom Rhodes Smart Camp

Tom Rhodes Smart Camp is a festival of ideas, knowledge, stories, books & adventures. 

I have been a comedian for more than 39 years. I travel the world doing comedy. 
Whenever I can I will share my adventures with you on this Tom Rhodes Smart Camp podcast.

My amazing creative partner and ex-wife Ashna is my best friend. We are a mom & pop business and with her help I will putting out these episodes with all the wisdom I have gained in my life and telling you all of my greatest adventures while traveling the world. 

Thank you for your generosity and for joining the Rhodesies club. You are in my heart forever!

Aug 29, 2013

I worked with Stephan Grant earlier this year in Kuala Lumpur. 
He has a lightning quick wit and powers out jokes on a wide range of topics. He writes for many television shows and comedy TV stars in the UK. If you see him work it is no surprise he is in such hot demand as a writer. I enjoyed watching him work night...

Aug 26, 2013

This episode was recorded in Madison, Wisconsin.
Many times as a comedian I will work with a younger comedian who I believe has true talent and a bright future. I had met Carlos Valencia through Doug Stanhope several years ago but didn't get to see him work until he opened for me last year at Comedy On State...

Aug 17, 2013

In my eyes Jonathan Atherton will always remain a great man because he turned my beliefs around on the city of Singapore. I went there once and never wanted to return because I thought it was soulless. He invited me to perform there again and said if I didn't like it he would pay me double.
When I returned he...

Aug 13, 2013

It's no secret that I love Ireland and I have worked with some wildly funny comedians there. One of them that I like the most is Eleanor Tiernan.
I've watched her develop into an amazing performer over the years and if you don't already know her you will be happy to discover her comedy. I like her so much I requested...

Aug 9, 2013

Tom Rhodes Radio is in Malaysia! What are Moslim people making jokes about? What makes Malaysian stand up more progressive than American stand up? Tom gets to sit down with Malaysia's most famous and veteran comedian Harith Iskander. Harith gave birth to stand up comedy in Malaysia Asia two decades ago and should be...