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Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp

Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp is a festival of ideas, knowledge, stories, books & adventures.

I have been a comedian for more than 30 years. I travel the world doing comedy. I almost drowned in Thailand, got maced in Paris and had my own Late Night Talkshow in the Netherlands. Whenever I can I will share my adventures with you on this Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp podcast.

Oct 6, 2014

This episode was recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland


In my opinion Jo Caulfield has the sexiest speaking voice in all of the English speaking comedy world. Her tone, elocution and educated accent is one that makes me tingle like a comfort food and if I owned my own television network she would be the voice of my channel. 


I first met Jo when I first started coming to London in the late 1990s. I have worked with her many times through the years and I respect her not only because she has always been kind to me but because she is funny and has a certain authoritative way of carrying herself onstage.


I've always said that when a comedian steps onstage everyone else in the room should lose rank and title and that comedian should become the sheriff of the room while they have the microphone in their hand. That is one thing about Jo's style that has always impressed me, while she is onstage she is the sheriff of the room.


In recent years more women and ethnically diverse personalities have taken to comedy stages but going way back to when I first met here up until the present Jo has been someone, a female someone who has been slugging it out in a male dominated profession and busting heads in the comedy world. This business is an unforgiving one where only the strong survive and just the fact that she has remained at the top of the UK comedy performing world for so long is testament enough of her quality and a badge of honor not many people can claim to have achieved. 


She is a respected veteran with many television appearances and Edinburgh Fringe festivals under her belt. 


In this conversation we cover many topics from her personal history to the British Empire's opium wars with China but perhaps the most valuable thing you will learn from her in this episode is the proper way to make English tea. She is someone whose voice, presence and thoughtful comedy always puts a smile on my face and it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Jo Caulfield!



Intro song: Cutting Room (Hot Pants) ā€“ Oceanliners

Stand-up clip from YouTube: WorldStandsUp.flv

End song: Barbara Lynn ā€“ Iā€™m a Good WomanRecorded at our big wooden kitchen table of our lovely Edinburgh Festival apartment ā€“ Edinburgh, Scotland August 2014